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Bernie Sanders projected to win Nevada caucuses

ABC News projects that Bernie Sanders will be the winner in the Nevada Democratic caucuses.

Bernie Sanders projected to win Nevada caucus

An ABC News analysis shows Joe Biden trailing in second.

Democratic candidates face off in Nevada

Bernie Sanders leads in the Nevada caucuses as Joe Biden vies for second.

Bernie Sanders has early lead at Nevada caucus

Democratic rivals appear to be battling for second place ahead of Super Tuesday.

Concerns grow over virus spreading as new hot zone identified in South Korea

The number of cases in the country doubled in just one day and the Korean deputy health minister saying it has entered a "serious new phase."

Democratic candidates facing 3rd contest in Nevada

The candidates make a last-minute push as Nevada prepares to hold a pivotal caucus as President Donald Trump holds a rally on the eve of the vote.

Bloomberg releases 3 women from non-disclosure agreements after fiery debate

The former New York City mayor opens the door for some women who have signed non-disclosure agreements to speak publicly about their lawsuits.

Los Angeles prepares for a public memorial service for Kobe Bryant

As the city prepares to mourn a legend, FAA reveals pilot in Bryant crash violated safety rules in 2015.

Is jury in blockbuster trial of Harvey Weinstein deadlocked on some of the charges?

Jury deliberations resume next week after jurors sent the judge a note suggesting they might be deadlocked on the most serious charges.

Ben Affleck on depression, addiction and how sobriety has made him happier | Nightline

The actor spoke openly about his family’s history with addiction and said that five years from now, he hopes people will say that he's "sober and...

Growing fear over the coronavirus in Ukraine

ABC News’ Ian Pannell joins us live from Japan to explain how evacuees from China reached Ukraine. WATCH THE ABC NEWS LIVE CHANNEL :...

Harvey Weinstein verdict inches closer

Criminal defense lawyer Julie Rendelman details what the jury may be thinking. WATCH THE ABC NEWS LIVE CHANNEL :